Let's give the Iranians this much credit - they originated the swarming tactics that russia later copied under their tutelage. Moscow might have scaled them up, but still just combined the Iran-backed militia hit on the Saudi Aramco facility and the missile barrage that wounded US servicemembers after the Soleimani hit.

Also, isn't it so very interesting that the US and UK will send ships and jets to stop Iranian weapons from hitting Israeli military sites, but Ukrainian cities? Nah. Because somehow a "No-Fly Zone" back during the NATO bungle in Libya got parlayed into a campaign that must suppress all enemy air defenses and also most of their military if at all possible.

Some of us remember how the No-Fly Zone over Iraq actually worked. Leaves a bitter taste in the mouth to realize that the all-powerful US won't even shoot down incoming cruise missiles or drones that could easily pass right over the Ukrainian border. So much for defending every inch of NATO territory.

Ain't it grand to have a hierarchy of allies? Wonderful look for the leaders of the rules-based international order. Also wonderful to have the fate of the Middle East hinge on Netanyahu's sense of self-interest. Heckuva job, Bidenworld.

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Yeah, it's galling to hear that the US will top up Israeli air defence arsenals but Ukraine will have to cope.

Disgusting double-standards

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A retaliatory strike from Israel, and a following escalation that drags the US directly into a confrontation with Iran is extremely dangerous. But it is also a big opportunity. If the war power of the US/Israel really is technologically superior and results in a devastating blow to Iran, incl it's nuclear facilities, the message to China, Russia and North Korea will be strong and probably stabilize the whole situation. It would mean to take a big risk, but a very weak reaction could be risky in the long run as well.

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